Spartan'16 Parallel Suite for Windows or Macintosh Odyssey College Student Lab License
Starting At: $1,600.00
Starting At: $2,500.00
Take advantage of up to 12 cores per calculation and access ≈275,000 structures, properties, and NMR spectra from ωB97X-D/6-31G* included in the accompanying Spartan Spectra & Properties Database. Spartan'16 Parallel Suite provides modern computational models behind a state-of-the-art interface for application of molecular modeling in chemistry research.
A chemistry learning tool that provides a direct window onto the molecular world.
Maintenance for Spartan'16 for Windows or Macintosh Spartan Student for Universities
Starting At: $600.00
Starting At: $600.00

3 Year Maintenance for Spartan'16 for Windows or Macintosh.

Spartan Student Edition provides affordable molecular modeling software that takes advantage of modern computational methods to explore fundamental concepts in general, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry courses.