Spartan Student for Universities Maintenance for Spartan'16 for Windows or Macintosh
Starting At: $600.00
Starting At: $600.00

Spartan Student Edition provides affordable molecular modeling software that takes advantage of modern computational methods to explore fundamental concepts in general, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry courses.

3 Year Maintenance for Spartan'16 for Windows or Macintosh.
Spartan'16 Parallel Suite for Windows or Macintosh Odyssey College Student Lab License
Starting At: $1,600.00
Starting At: $2,500.00
Take advantage of up to 12 cores per calculation and access ≈275,000 structures, properties, and NMR spectra from ωB97X-D/6-31G* included in the accompanying Spartan Spectra & Properties Database. Spartan'16 Parallel Suite provides modern computational models behind a state-of-the-art interface for application of molecular modeling in chemistry research.
A chemistry learning tool that provides a direct window onto the molecular world.