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GuideBook   A Guide to Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Chemical Calculations
Academic2DayWkshp   Academic 2-Day Workshop Registration
Govt_Comm_2DayWkshp   Government/Commercial 2-Day Workshop Registration
OdyCollegeInstructor_Maint   Maintenance for Odyssey College Instructor's Edition
OdyCollege_Maint   Maintenance for Odyssey College Student Edition
OdyHSInstructor_Maint   Maintenance for Odyssey High School Instructor's Edition
OdyHS_Maint   Maintenance for Odyssey High School Student Edition
Spartan_Maint   Maintenance for Spartan for Windows or Macintosh
SpParallel_Maint   Maintenance for Spartan Parallel Suite for Windows or Macintosh
SpStudentCollege_Maint   Maintenance for Spartan Student College
SpStudentHighSchool_Maint   Maintenance for Spartan Student High School
OdyCollInstructor   Odyssey College Instructor Edition
OdyCollStudent   Odyssey College Student Lab License
OdyHSInstructor   Odyssey High School Instructor Edition
OdyHSStudent   Odyssey High School Student Lab License
SpStudent   Spartan Student Edition (Version 8) for Windows or Macintosh (Download)
SpStudentHS   Spartan Student for High School
SpStudentUniv   Spartan Student for Universities
SPSTUDENTUNIV-INDV   Spartan Student for Universities - Individual License
SpStudentUniv-LabPack10   Spartan Student for Universities - Lab Pack 10
SpStudentUniv-LabPack20   Spartan Student for Universities - Lab Pack 20
Sp18   Spartan'18 for Windows or Macintosh
SP18-Parallel   Spartan'18 Parallel Suite for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
MMWorkbook   The Molecular Modeling Workbook for Organic Chemistry

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