Spartan'24 for Win, Mac, & Linux (>16 Cores)
Spartan'24 for Win, Mac, & Linux (>16 Cores)
Spartan'24 for Windows, Mac and Linux >16 Cores
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Spartan'24 is now available for Windows. Mac and Linux releases expected shortly. If purchased, users will receive the latest '20 release until the new Spartan'24 version is available on your platform.

The latest release of the ultimate desktop application for chemistry research in industry and academia. A full range of modern theoretical models are available from the most intuitive user interface in the business. Enhanced, Refined, and Faster than ever.

Spartan is available to utilize > 16 cores per calculations as well. This version is ideal for the latest 32 - 64 cores HPC systems. Access ≈300,000 structures, properties, and NMR spectra from ωB97X-D/6-31G* from the accompanying Spartan Spectra & Properties Database. Spartan'24 provides modern computational models behind a state-of-the-art interface for application of molecular modeling in chemistry research.